4 reasons Nate Diaz has a chance against Dustin Poirier

4 reasons Nate Diaz has a chance against Dustin Poirier

Ever since it was announced, the Diaz Poirier fight has been getting people talking. Both fighters are at the top of their game and have made a heavy impression on the lightweight division. But from the sounds of things, they’ll be moving up to a newly created 165 weight class with an inaugural title fight at UFC 230! While it’s not been officially confirmed, both Diaz and Poirier have been on twitter tweeting about the confirmation – but UFC 230’s main event is instead going to be Shevchenko VS Eubanks. Nevertheless, the fight is still going ahead and a lot of people seem to believe Poirier has it in the bag.

Looking at the numbers, Diaz has had a significant series of losses while Poirier has only a handful and he’s been on a real roll lately. Despite this, and despite the UFC odds being firmly in Poirier’s favour, we think there’s a good chance that Diaz could come out on top: Here are four reasons why.

1. He was the first to beat Connor McGregor in the UFC

Admittedly, with the Khabib fight coming up he might soon have a new member of the “Took down McGregor club” but that doesn’t change the fact that Nate Diaz was the first and (thus far) last person to take down McGregor in the Octagon. This is a pretty hefty achievement, McGregor is no slouch with his previous match decided by a knockout that took exactly 13 seconds. Even the rematch which McGregor won went to decision rather than a straight knock-out.

Diaz’s record is a bit deceptive, he has plenty of losses but his wins are stand-out. McGregor’s on record as wanting to “Complete the trilogy” and show Diaz the same courtesy he showed him by offering a rematch. If one of the highest ranked competitors in the UFC is calling for a rematch? Diaz MUST be looking worthy.

2. He’s coming off a break

If there’s one thing that seems to be true of Diaz’ fight record, when he comes off of a long break he beats people he isn’t expected to beat. While Poirier’s been on a roll, 2 years of break might mean that Diaz is bringing a whole new game to the table. While ring rust is a concern, Diaz has been training hard and will likely be bringing a dynamic game to this fight. Which leads us into our next point.

3. Diaz is actually a crazy good fighter

Diaz isn’t always afforded the respect he’s due. His stand-up was always good and his boxing is still pretty impressive. He’s been training with Kron Gracie (son of Rickson) for about 4 years now, which means his ground game is going to be incredibly dangerous. Add to this that he’s fighting at a more natural fighting weight than he’s competed in formerly, he may have an edge in both the stand-up and the ground game. What exactly he’s going to bring to the fight is an unknown quantity – all any of us can do is wait and see.

3. He’s the Underdog

A weird way to look at it, but if Poirier doesn’t take him seriously Diaz could be a truly dangerous fight. His deceptive record might lull some fighters into a false sense of security, combined with the likelihood of ring rust from his 2 year break, it’s possible Poirier won’t take the match-up as seriously as he ought to. And judging by some of his comments, Poirier may be making this mistake as we speak.

But what do you think? Is Diaz going to beat Poirier or is he just going to be another notch in Poirier’s belt? Let us know in the comments below!